How I thought of myself

Me and Leelee

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Johnny Merrill

I moved up into the Sierras of Central California with the goal of doing something great online. Less the occasional trip to the grocery store I've lived away from society for near a decade.

My goal became to think-without-words to better communicate with animals. You can meet my animal family on Youtube

To reach my goal I needed a tool. So I assigned states and conditions to /|\ to reached my goal. It was pretty easy discovering Internal /|\emory. It's fundamentally here for everyone to see. It's ringing in our ears. Biology produces /|\emory, the abstractions are endless.

Next came the hard part.... Figuring out what's wrong with us.

Again, I needed a tool, so I assigned states and conditions to / \. I didn't realize it was External Memory for a long time. I was lost inside the External Memory machine just like us all.

Lastly, my dad trained me to leave where I go better. In turn, the Naturehack is testament to my father Raymond Merrill. I miss you Dad!

Love, johnny

/ \