“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”

~John Muir

Johnny Merrill

Without these guys, and some that have passed, I could of never done the Naturehack. They taught me to trust life we're from. I am them, we are one, Moving Life of earth flows within everyone.

/|\oving LIFE

Fluffy Puffy Ruffy

Ruffy weighed around 85 pounds when rescued. Now he weighs near 150. Ruffy is a Movie Star. He hangs his arm out of the passinger side door window and everyone just has to get a picture.

After I rescued Ruffy I soon figured out the only attention Ruffy got was when he ran away. Still to this day, Ruffy gets this crazy look in his eyes, “Do you want to chase me?” So I do.

Ruffy thinks if you chase him, you love him. I'm alright with that. It's great exercise.

Minnie In The Middle

Minnie is named after the Mickey Mouse silhouettes on her fur.

The 'In The Middle' comes from the fact Minnie is always in the middle of everything. She's a Diva. Good, questionable, or just standing around, Minnie is right in the middle of it.

Minnie is all love. If she could, Minnie would climb inside of you and be in the middle of you too.

Awesome Miss Blossom

Blossom is the boss. She owns the outside. I'm her servant and her toy.

She's Ruffy's daughter and when rescued was also underweight. She never grew into full Saint Bernard size. I call her a mini Saint but that doesn't stop her from being the Boss.

Blossom also has a helicopter tail. When her tail starts spinning she gets wiggly waggly front and backy.

Baby Bay

BabyBay is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever who got diabetes and went blind in what seemed a week. I give her shots to keep her insulin balanced.

In her younger days, Baby Bay would jump off the highest rock and catch a Frisbee out of the air and dive into the water and come back for more.

Still today, Baby Bay is the best fetcher in the house. (As long as Minnie is not in the middle.)

Scardy Cat

Scardy does not need us much. She and Blossom are best friends.

Often times I'll go outside and find Blossom and Scardy all curled up together. Scardy is a great hunter. She brings home stuff as big as her.

Scardy got her name because it was the only way I could tell her and her sister apart. One black kitty was scared and one black kitty was lovable.

Lovie aka Clawdia

Lovie loves love, but when you pick her up she's sharp. It's how she got the nickname Clawdia.

Lovie's little claws come out and hook ya like a fish. The funny thing is she likes being held.

So, if you visit me, be careful picking her up. Just a warning.

Leelee The Saint Bermule

Leelee is the biggest girl of the house and what Leelee wants, Leelee gets, or there's Drama.

From my view, Leelee is a new breed of mule known as a Saint Bermule. She hangs with Saints as if she is one. I never knew a hoofed animal could be so sweet.

We live where the fire danger is high and Leelee's job is gardening. Leelee is not allowed into the house but she sticks her head in all the doors and windows.

You can see me and my family in action on YouTube.