I teach ObjectThinking For Tips

ObjectThinking decodes the human experience. Your mind is going to transcend time like music and math. You can't tip me enough for what I'm teaching.

ObjectThinking is like learning to ski. I get you in balance and then you get better on you're own. We're born ObjectThinking.

First we need to deal with why we're not ObjectThinking now...

What's the hardest thing to do?


While developing the Naturehack in the many chatrooms on the web I've been described as an electrical shock. It is true. In the Behavior section you'll discover feelings are a mechanical calculation. In time, you'll apply the shock too.

But in the mean time, when you feel your mind tightening up, relax. It's the hardest thing to do. I forget too. Relax, I promise not to shock ya too hard...

When reading these words we're hearing them in our ears. Our eyes are under a spell. "Spell" has two meanings for a reason. We are not seeing Objects of the natural world when we're reading. In turn, our logic is inducted.

Literacy is more than just reading and writing. Literacy is also critical thinking or ObjectThinking...

They called the illiterate ignorant. Well, today we're literate but External Memory Ignorant. EMI is an Observable Mental Disorder installed with literacy.

Technically, literacy mixes two language sources, one timeless, one time sensitive, and creates an External Memory Override "A WordThinking" is not aware of.

ObjectThinking has rules. It's precise thinking correcting the literacy detour our species is experiencing...

Tyranny is more organized than freedom at first.
ObjectThinking organizes freedom and takes it back forever

ObjectThinking takes technology outside of the 2013 year paradigm. With one nature to hack, I use the term gen2013ever because we're setting the future up.

A child is born with the perpetual "behavior" that delivered us here. The Internal /|\emory Landscape keeps children operating under the perpetual "state" all life, less mankind lives under. Humanity rejoins the force of nature.

Literacy programming is strong like walking memory. We cannot forget how to walk. We, gen2013ever, will never be "right." Gen2013ever, the last of the wrong.

ObjectThinking Overview

With the development of the Internet, and with the increasing pervasiveness of communication between networked computers, we are in the middle of the most transforming technological event since the capture of fire. ~John Perry Barlow

ObjectThinking is Object Oriented Programming, how we program computers, applied to the human mind. ObjectThinking uses technology to amplify our nature.

Ruby Programming Language terminology is used because it is one of the closest to human machine thus far. In time children will gain control over machines with their language install.

ObjectThinking Progression identities the behavior and state of the BasicObjects. Yet the framework decodes Objects of everyday life.


Inherited: ObjectThinking hierarchy reveals shared behavior and states of descendant objects.


Encapsulated: Each self-contained ObjectThinking capsule of energy is connected to all with behavior mirroring any healthy cell of the body.


Polymorphic: From a cell to all life, each ObjectThinking unit of energy grows their unique specialty for freedom.

A well written computer program can be handed off to another programmer and they can grow it, add to it, adapt it. ObjectThinking does it on a generational level.

/|\ OBJECT / \

To ski, we need a skiing state of mind.

To live, we need a living state of mind.   

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