LIFE Translates
EM Assimilates

The objects do not need us to exist. They are discoveries.

Today's lesson is emotional. The Objects are mixed internally. I'm going to use some poetry and song to keep things calm.

Please don't get mad at me. Attack the objects. They will unite you. I'm just a reporter.

Now, to our fall back state of mind....

The Healthy Cell Next Door

Women become healthy cells next door when they have a baby.

Our birth mirrors a cell giving birth. We men don't get turned back on like women. But we've been a Healthy cell next door before.

Modeling behavior on LIFE unites us...

We are each a cell in the body of mankind.
Mankind a cell in the body of all life.
The behavior of each equals the fate of all.

The key is trusting what we can point to, not what we were told to.

We were told to trust the following...

Two Objects One LIFE

Some 40,000 years LIFE spawned cave painting.

The first EM transcending generations. The birth of the Compounding EM Object.

Remove dolphins from earth, what's left behind? Bones.

Remove mankind from earth, what's left behind? The Compounding EM Object and bones.

The EM Object gives us freedom beyond simple survival but we cannot be EM. Two Objects One LIFE.

EM Language and EM Time assimilates us....

Human Language
Second Language

human Language
second language
LIFE communication first

thinking without words
thinking with life
LIFE is born first

2013 year word mirage
installed into our mind
stealing our future

growth of billions of years
extinguished reversed
living a dead word in time

Internally you must get over assimilation. Our day is short. All life, today and future, counts on you getting over assimilation.

Were you assimilated?

If yes: come back for modeling.

If no: come back when yes.

Time Assimilation fools us the most. Cell time unites us the most. We live for a blink of an eye. Trust your mind.

EM Garbage Dump EARTH

Our greatest achievement has a downside. EM is compounding out of control. Killing Earth.

As long as you live a dead word of the past...

As long as you live as an emotional grunt...

You cannot see the EM dump out of control.

Rise above EM healthy cell next door. Live a billion years in both directions.

Live as designed and know it....Your birth mirrors a cell birth.

Wake up! The assimilated consume thousands of years of future each day. Our life is short.

Life counts on you, healthy cell next door,


man drew a line
the notes of music
are singing worldwide

I am a man
I've drawn a line
I'll cross when I die

I care for you
We are one LIFE
We the seeds of destiny

Love, A Healthy Cell Next Door

This ends today's lesson.

With human language installed as first language it takes time to reverse. Take a day or two before Tomorrow's lesson.

Are you grateful I've stimulated LIFE in you?

Please tell me I've done good. Gratitude for Gratitude.