The Naturehack is brand new. The next two lessons are not done yet. I wanted post this misspellings and all. I aim to enhance your life. With a tip we're connected. I'll let you know when lessons are ready.

The Consciousness of Moving Life, our share of Internal Memory.
One EM Object

Good, bad, dark, great, and sad, everything, own the EM Object. Be life above it.

No more running to this word and running from that word. Life is too short. The calendar is product of the EM Object.

No species grows, saves, and shares External Memory across generations. EM has given us freedom beyond simple survival. Be proud of EM. Own it as a one and farm it.

Today EM is growing out of control. It's probably eating thousand years of the future everyday we stay EMI. Our generation, the first generation to tame the EM Object.

Biology Produces /|\emory

Tangible Biology is the wire. Intangible /|\emory the energy. Memory extends itself in offspring. Memory eats biology. The first Memory is ringing in our ears.

Our designed behaviour is abstractable. Natural Rights are definable. A Timeless attitude achievable.

Internal Memory Purity

Girls get Internal Memory reset when they have a child. They'd never have less than good thought about baby.

A share of Internal Memory is all we own. It's integrity makes us whole.

A Primary Natural Right

Gravity, math, electricty, shaping forces, predictable forces, are Natural Laws. Life realizes Natural Laws, we have Natural Rights.

   NATURAL RIGHT. A Natural Right to a unique relationship with the future.

Why should a tree have a unique future and not us? All life on earth, less us, experience this Natural Right. It got us here, today we run in place.


We are born in worship of our parents. Worship is a phenomena we cannot turn off. Only transfer. Mankind transfers worship to EM.

God, Allah, Spirit, Divine... are words mapping to unity. A person word-slaved to one word above others is divisive. A victim of EMI. All the books are good.

Attitude Of Gratitude

We eat what's ringing in our ears. /|\emory dies so we live on. We are lucky to be here. Be Grateful for what's ringing in our ears.

EM gives us even more to be grateful for. The people of the past are remembered too.


Everyone has an Einstein of their specialty inside. It's our job to grow it out. In EM gives us a shot at Everlasting Life on earth in EM.

The men above united /|\emory. Hitler divided. You can get Everlasting Life for division too.

Have a Cancerous Thought?

If I have a less than good thought about another there is something wrong with me and only me. I'm not in control of my share of /|\emory. I'm out of integrity.

Cancerous people only see cancerous people. Healthy people see cancerous and healthy people.

Sacred State Of Unity

We're born in worship of our parents. Worship is a phenomena we cannot turn off. Only transfer.

A dog worships its mother then master. Mankind transfers worship to EM.

Naturehack Objects
Life Model

An External Memory Aware lens settles us into the reality that got us here.

The faster you separate the Naturehack Objects, the faster you'll live a model Life.

Sustainable Government

EMI Gove

Move A Finger
Model The Internet

  Paradigm Shift: A fundamental change in how we view our world and ourselves. Example: Flat earth, paradigm shift, round earth.

Today's Paradigm Shift

Technically. Our species has developed External Memory spanning generations. Our unique EM created a new language source. The new language source has captured us inside the 2012 Year EM Paradigm Of Word-Slavery.

Emotionally. We are experiencing a downside of literacy we could have never predicted. Example: Native Americans were Moving Life. The Settlers were word-slaves of the Paradigm. At first, tyranny is always more organized than freedom. Today, we are the Natives. It's our historic day to set things right...